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Keeping the Party Going After Hours at Comic COn Palm Springs!

Friday Night Zombie Party at Comic Con Palm Springs
CCPS’s Friday Night Zombie Party

At The Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs!
Starts at 9pm Friday

Looking for some added fun at Comic Con Palm Springs? Come join the Zombies and Sabers Friday night at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown Palm Springs beginning at 9pm, for a chilling party full of Zombie fun. Dive in to “Cinema Bizarro” poolside, the nostalgic, low-brow, “midnight-showing” thrills of yesteryear for a rare screening of “Return Of The Living Dead!” This poolside event will be hosted by Rhett Rovideohz whom is played by the amazing Brett Sailor. Inside, the Hard Rock will be decking out their lounge and club for a one of a kind after party event! Interested in coming? Everyone with a badge to CCPS is welcome to come for a night of thrills, chills and more!! Don’t have a badge, that’s okay; the cover is only $10 to get in. The Hard Rock and CCPS challenges you to enjoy a night of the living dead.

BB's Costume Party at Comic Con Palm Springs

BB’s CCPS’s Saturday Night Costume Party

At The Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs!
Starts at 9pm Saturday

BB Ingle, producer and host of some of the largest events in the Palm Springs area including, but not limited to the legendary Halloween Bash and the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party, joins destination Hard Rock Hotel at 9pm for a B.B.s after party like no other!! The night will be filled with amazing DJs, dancing, and more as CCPS brings Saturday night to a close at the Hard Rock Hotel. The cover charge will be $20 at the door; unless you are a VIP member or a Lynda Carter ticket holder, these passes will get you in the doors at no charge. Interested in more info, go to BB’s website at Comic Con Palm Springs will see you there!!

Game Room at Comic Con Palm Springs

Game Room

Hours: Friday starts at 1pm
Saturday starts at 10am
Sunday starts at 9:30am

Are you a card gamer looking to test your skills and see if you have what it takes, or maybe you would like to free play to learn new tips and tricks? CCPS game room will be your one stop shop for all your gaming needs. Come play Magic the Gathering, Pokémon the card game, Pokémon Go, and Star Wars Destiny in our one of a kind gaming room. Card games not your style, enjoy free play of some video game classics while you beat the heat at Comic Con Palm Springs!

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Arcade Room at Comic Con Palm Springs

Arcade Room

An amusement arcade like no other! Comic Con Palm Springs wants to treat fans to a trip down memory lane while you enjoy the classics as they were intended to be. CCPS will be hosting a variety of arcade games from our friends from Arcade Expo for all sorts of ages to enjoy. Teach the little ones what gaming was really like without auto aim, and in the meantime, show off your mad gaming skills. See you at the arcade.

Starfleet Experience at Comic Con Palm Springs

Starfleet Experience

We want you! Join the Starship Academy to become a new pilot to save the known Galaxy! Fly in one of our two types of simulators, Artemis and Starship Horizons. Simulators are spread out through four starship bays, and will be launching with up to 6 players per bay. Bring your crew and battle space monsters, or come solo and we will help you find a crew. The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

Zombie Maze Room at Comic Con Palm Springs

Zombie Maze Room

Hours: Friday 5pm-11pm
Saturday 11am-9:30pm
Sunday 11am-4pm

Think you and your friends have what it takes? Prove it, In the zombie maze room! You and your friends must use wits, stealth, and determination to find the cure and save humanity! Located in the Cactus room at the Renaissance Hotel you and your friends will gather and use what you got to seek clues, solve puzzles, and sneak your way through to create the cure and be our last line of defense from a zombie horde outbreak. Looking for more than Just a Comic Con experience with your friends? Go to and book your escape now! We will see you there!

Zombie Cafe at Comic Con Palm Springs

Zombie Café

Come in and enjoy the reFLESHments!
Hours: Fri 2pm-10pm
Sat 11am-10pm
Sun 11am-3pm

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a zombie, but don’t want to go through the whole undead experience? Comic Con Palm Springs has got you covered. Our zombie café will entice your taste buds with delectable zombie cuisine. Have you busting out undead dance moves with our Zombie quintet hosted by an emcee. You may even get the opportunity to dine with an undead as they sit with you and decide what food they really want to eat. Hope to meat you there…

Late Night Zombie Movie at Comic Con Palm Springs

Late Night Zombie Movie

Friday & Saturday Night at 10pm
Run time 92 minutes

Join us in this animated action, Zombie on the tracks thriller. Director Yeon Sang-ho returns with his second feature of the year Seoul Station. Strictly speaking, however, it’s less a follow-up and more a prologue-prequel to his earlier release Train to Busan. Seoul Station charts the spread of an undead outbreak at the titular railway terminus where one can catch, well, a train to Busan. Seoul Station, however, is an entirely different creature from its bombastic predecessor. Set at the outset of the epidemic that prompted so much chomping of flesh further down the line, it follows the attempts of Hye-sun to reunite with her callow boyfriend Ki-woong, before either of them get bitten. A full-on lockdown imposed by the callous Seoul authorities, seemingly unable or unwilling to distinguish between man or monster, complicates matters. Where Busan was a brash and frequently deafening spectacle, this is notably more downbeat, cast in a muted, perma-grey hue and focusing on those desolate souls trapped in life’s margins. All the while still reaching an agreeably nasty conclusion.

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