Daily Panel Schedule

All panels will be held at the Main Stage in Korea Hangar

Friday, August 24th

5:00 pm

Xolo Mardeuña – Q&A

6:00 pm

“Producing Your Hit Idea for Television” – Eric & Julia Lewald, Jeff Abugov

7:00 pm

“To Animate or Not to Animate. Bob’s Burgers and Black Lightening” – Frank Forte and Trevor Von Eden

Saturday, August 25th

11:00 Am

“Happiest Place on Earth” Q & A – Bret Iwan and Bill Farmer

12:00 pm

“Legendary Editors and Executive Producers” – Rene Witterstaetter, Jim Kreuger, Eric & Julia Lewald, Jeff Abugov

1:00 pm

Kevin Sussman Spotlight Panel

2:15 pm

LGBT Geeks

3:30 pm

Jim Lee Spotlight

5:00 pm

“CCPS Voice Stars” – James D. Mortellaro, Patricia Summersett, Kellen Goff

6:00 pm

Timeless & Legends – Lyndsay Wagner, Michael Dante, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers

Sunday, August 26th

10:30 Am

“Staying a Teen While Chasing Your Dream” – Kellen Goff & Xolo Mardeuña

11:45 am

“Artist talk Artists”– Sean Murphy, Michael Golden, Joe Rubinstein, Agnes Garbowska, Trevor Von Eden

1:00 pm

Leave it to Beaver 60TH Reunion

2:00 pm

Costume Contest Kids

3:00 pm

Costume Contest Adults

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