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Don’t miss the definitive comic experience at Comic Con Palm Springs as we bring together one amazing event after another.
Twisted Toons at Comic Con Palm Springs

Twisted Toons – Live Script Reading of Back to the Future!

Are you ready to attend the one event at the con that everyone will be talking about next week, not only those of us who are here but people all over the world?  Then you do NOT want to miss the famous live movie read featuring the biggest voice acting superstars in the galaxy!  With millions of hits on YouTube and rave reviews internationally, this is the event that will knock your socks off!!  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard SpongeBob as Marty McFly, Samurai Jack as Dr. Emmett Brown, or Pinky & the Brain as Biff Tannen!  This event will be packed, so get there early and strap yourself in!  It’s time to experience your favorite movies in a brand new, completely hysterical and utterly TWISTED way!  We’ll see you there and you may never be the same again!

Zombie Maze Room at Comic Con Palm Springs
Zombie Maze Room

Think you and your friends have what it takes? Prove it, In the zombie maze room! You and your friends must use wits, stealth, and determination to find the cure and save humanity! Located in the Cactus room at the Renaissance Hotel you and your friends will gather and use what you got to seek clues, solve puzzles, and sneak your way through to create the cure and be our last line of defense from a zombie horde outbreak. Looking for more than Just a Comic Con experience with your friends? Go to and book your escape now! We will see you there!

BB's Costume Party at Comic Con Palm Springs

BB’s CCPS’s Saturday Night Costume Party

At The Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs!
Starts at 9pm Saturday

BB Ingle, producer and host of some of the largest events in the Palm Springs area including, but not limited to the legendary Halloween Bash and the New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party, joins destination Hard Rock Hotel at 9pm for a B.B.s after party like no other!! The night will be filled with amazing DJs, dancing, and more as CCPS brings Saturday night to a close at the Hard Rock Hotel. The cover charge will be $20 at the door; unless you are a VIP member or a Lynda Carter ticket holder, these passes will get you in the doors at no charge. Interested in more info, go to BB’s website at Comic Con Palm Springs will see you there!!

Zombie Walk at Comic Con Palm Springs

Zombie / Cosplayer Walk

The streets of Palm Springs will be playing host to ghosts, ghouls, chain-rattling hordes of undead, and Star Wars enthusiasts Friday evening as a horrific display of the undead meets the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. Hobble your way down the Palm Springs strip to destination Hard Rock Hotel for an after party of Zombie/Saber fun! Come in your best zombie garb or most impressive Star Wars display to impress the locals with what you got!!

Comic Con Palm Springs Symphony Pop Live

Brian Ingelson and the Palm Springs High School & CCPS Orchestra

Friday, Aug 25 | 4pm
Sunday, Aug 27 | 12:30pm
Location: Primrose D

For our second year in a row, we have the return of the Symphony Pop Orchestra. Enjoy clips of movies as you have never seen them before! Watch clips of classics such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings while an orchestra plays the music and sound effects to get the enjoyment of being right there in the moment. Have kids? This Symphony Pop just isn’t about the clips of the classics, but an experience for all ages. Frozen, How to train your Dragon, and a live Video Game Medley will be part of the show. Don’t miss your chance for this one of a kind event!!

GeekFest Film Fest at Comic Con Palm Springs
Geek Fest Film Fest

Saturday, Aug 26 | Starts at 1pm
Sunday, Aug 27 | Starts at 11am
Location: Mojave Room

The 1st and LARGEST traveling Comic Con Film Festival, exhibiting the best Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action, Superhero, Fan Films and original high concept indie genre film and web series from around the world at pop culture conventions across North America! Features, Documentaries, Shorts, Web Series, Trailers, Fan Films, Music Videos, Trailers and more! Join the Revolution! Come for the Film Fest, Stay for the Comic Con!

View the Full Schedule.

Zombie Cafe at Comic Con Palm Springs

Zombie Night Club

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a zombie, but don’t want to go through the whole undead experience? Comic Con Palm Springs has got you covered. Our zombie café will entice your taste buds with delectable zombie cuisine. Have you busting out undead dance moves with our Zombie quintet hosted by an emcee. You may even get the opportunity to dine with an undead as they sit with you and decide what food they really want to eat. Hope to meat you there…

Sean Rich's Weapons at Comic Con Palm Springs
Sean Rich’s Weapons

Come see Sean Rich and his private collection of real antique Arms & Armor and select shipwreck treasure artifacts. Featuring items supplied by Sean and used as props in:

  • Disney Studio’s blockbuster franchise ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and other movies.
  • Items featured on History Channel’s hit TV show ‘PAWN STARS’.
  • Items featured on National Geographic Channel’s TV show ‘LORDS OF WAR’.
  • Items feature on AMC Network’s TV show about George Washington’s spy ring during the American Revolutionary War called ‘TURN’.
  • Patrons will see real antique weapons from various historical events such as the French & Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, the Civil War, and the Wild West.
  • Real antique shipwreck treasure and artifacts.
Game Room at Comic Con Palm Springs

Game Room

Are you a card gamer looking to test your skills and see if you have what it takes, or maybe you would like to free play to learn new tips and tricks? CCPS game room will be your one stop shop for all your gaming needs. Come play Magic the Gathering, Pokémon the card game, Pokémon Go, and Star Wars Destiny in our one of a kind gaming room. Card games not your style, enjoy free play of some video game classics while you beat the heat at Comic Con Palm Springs!

Arcade Room at Comic Con Palm Springs

Arcade Room

An amusement arcade like no other! Comic Con Palm Springs wants to treat fans to a trip down memory lane while you enjoy the classics as they were intended to be. CCPS will be hosting a variety of arcade games from our friends from Arcade Expo for all sorts of ages to enjoy. Teach the little ones what gaming was really like without auto aim, and in the meantime, show off your mad gaming skills. See you at the arcade.
Lego Room at Comic Con Palm Springs

Lego Room

Thousands of LEGO®  building blocks and parts are poured out on tables so children and adults alike are welcome to build to their hearts’ content! This is an exceptional environment that serves as an outlet for imaginations, social interaction, collaborative building and sharing. The common love of LEGO® is repeatedly the catalyst for discussions, laughter, and amazement at what the mind can do with a little push. Put your imagination to the test at the Lego room.
Starfleet Experience at Comic Con Palm Springs

Starfleet Experience

We want you! Join the Starship Academy to become a new pilot to save the known Galaxy! Fly in one of our two types of simulators, Artemis and Starship Horizons. Simulators are spread out through four starship bays, and will be launching with up to 6 players per bay. Bring your crew and battle space monsters, or come solo and we will help you find a crew. The possibilities are endless, and so is the fun!

Give Blood at Comic Con Palm Springs

Give Blood

Those who give the gift of blood are helping everybody. Donating blood is one act in which society prospers. Think about it – there are no specifics from donors when it comes to giving blood, no questions as to their motivation, and no limits on the gratitude of those on the receiving end of this priceless gift. Clearly, blood donation matters. Register using the link below to donate blood while you are at Comic Con Palm Springs this August!

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